Thursday, April 30, 2009

Famers Awareness on e- Dairy System at Dambadeniya

The farmers of Maravita/Udawela Watta/ Muthugala had opportunity of accessing the e-Dairy system through their milk collecting centre at Dambadeniya. The preliminary discussion and awareness was held by the leadership of Mr.Sunil Rodrigo. The farmers are so thankful to the officials for providing such system to them. Mr.J.P.Herath - a farmer of Panapitiya watte, stated that this is a good opportunity to involve his young son to take part in the dairy industry. He also added that where ever there is application of ICT invloves, that can attract young people/ future generation.

Reported By T.Patrick Roy

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

e Dairy - an upliftment of dairy industry in Sri Lanka

The e Dairy extension system was presented to Prof.Tissa Vitharana-Minister of Science and Technology by Mr.Sunil Rodrigo - an expert in Dairy Industry in Sri Lanka on 28-03-2009 at The Sri Lanka Foundation Institute - Colombo 7. The Minister was so impressed to hear that the Dairy Farmers are capable of use latest ICT technology for their day to day farming activities. Also he has stated that it is remarkable that all the sectors of dairy field, to come up with such constructive sustainable system in the year of ICT. He thanked Mr.Sunil Rodrigo's leadership and commitment on application of ICT for Dairy Development.