Thursday, June 18, 2009

Farmer Awarness at Beminigalla

An awareness program was conducted by the e-Dairy team at Beminigalla village for 27 dairy farmers on 17th of June 2009. The farmers were well aware of the system and ready to access it. The " SANASA" (rural economic Program) and Milco - (milk processor ) also particiapted as service providers. The training was conducted by Mr.Dammika Kulathunga - a well trained edairy farmer.

Reported by Patrick Roy

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

e Dairy Presentation - For National and Provincial Heads in the Department of Animal Production and Health

The e-dairy SMS enable system presented to the National and provincial heads in the Department of Animal Production and Health on 15th of June 2009 at Institute of Continuous Education, Kandy. The system was demonstrated by the e-Dairy team and the participants were appreciated the effort that which enable the achieve the objectives of dairy industry in Sri Lanka.

For the presentation all the Provincial Directors ,Provincial Veterinary Surgeons, Officials of Veterinary Research Institute, Officials of Livestock Development, Members of Association of Animal Production and Health , Intellectuals from University Of Peradeniya, Offcials of Department of Animal Science were participated.

The presentation submitted to Hon.Minister C.B.Rathnayaka - Minister of Livestock Development , Hon. Shantha Bandara - Provincial Minister of Livestock Development , Small Irrigation and Agriculture - North Western Province, and Hon. Dr.Navarathnarajah - Provincial Minister of Agriculture and Livestock Development - Eastern Province.

Reported by Patrick Roy

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

e-Dairy made great effort uplift the Dairy famers of Sri Lanka

Now the Dairy farmers and the all the stack holders (Department of Animal Production and Health/ Ministry of Livestock Development and Health / Veterinary Research Institute /District VS Offices / Milk Processors / Animal Drug Suppliers/ Animal Feed suppliers / Milking equipment and machinery suppliers can access the web site for their day to day activities.

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Birth Success rate at Narammala Division

Total targeted birth at Narammala division for the 1st quarter is 1250 animals, but unfortunately only 116 births has succeeded. When comparing with previous chart it shows the no of Artificial Insemination carried out during this period. So out of that amount 116 have succeeded (30%).

Artificial Insemination Rate at Narammala Division

The following chart shows the artificial insemination taken place during the 1st quarter year 2009.

The Current Status of Milk Industry in Sri Lanka

According to the National Statistics 2003-2008, there are 532520 cows are available in Sri Lanka. But out of this amount only 249,315 (47%) animals are milking cows, rest are dried cows.
The monthly average milk production is 14,370,200 ltrs and herd average is 27 per month. And you will realize that the herd average is just 1.9ltrs.