Friday, October 2, 2009

eDairy Chat - Finding a Milking Animal

Here is the example of how the buyers request the information from the co-coordinating centre via chatting. The animal information are available on the web, still for more information you can create a chat with the eDairy center and find out.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

eDairy Extension - Managing by Dairy Famers and their family members

Mrs.Iresha Tennakoon, wife of young dairy farmers from Giriulla trained ICT at Dambadeniya Development Foundation - ICT Centre - Narammala and now she is managing the SMS request transactions and trilingual web administration. Also you can communicate the centre through google chat or skype.

Evaluation process - Final Touch at ICTA

The eDairy extension system was presented to the IT experts in Information and Communication Technology agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA). The presentation was conducted by Mr.Sunil Rodrigo - Senior Manager - Dambadeniya Development Foundation and stated that all the stack holders of this project wanted access the web based e-dairy SMS transaction log entries to evaluate the real out put of their own sectors. Mr.Patrick Roy - IT Manager , Dambadeniya Development Foundation - explain the technical impact on young farmers in the village. Mr.Sriyananda Rathnayaka- Project Co-ordinator ICTA, Mr.Jaliya Jayawardena - IT Consultant, Ms. Anjela Samarasinghe - Consultant from Pricewaters Coopers, Mr.Denuka Perera,Mr.Razmin Kareem, Mr.Mario Fernandopulle, Mr.Sanjaya Karunasena, Mr.Thushara Suraweera from ICTA also evaluate the project.

Dairy Famers Details Computerized

The ediary extension gathered the farmers and their animal details , analyzed and created a database, which is accessible to relevant higher authority to any where. This is a begging of dairy industry in Sri Lanka. This will give the accurate information to the decision makers.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Famer Training at KOSWATTE

Koswatte is an interior village from Narammala, which has very enthusiastic farmers team of 35-40 members. They supply there daily collected fresh milk to Cargill Pvt Ltd. Also they have good relationship with private public sector state holders, those who directly /indirectly linked with dairy industry. These farmers also trained to access the SMS enabled system on 15th of September 2009. And as per the farmers request , the Dambadeniya Development Foundation offered a ICT Training program for the Farmer's young children.

eDairy Touch Screen System launched at Milco

A eDairy Touch Screen System was launched at Milco-Milk Chilling Centre at Loluwagoda. A training session was conducted by Dambadeniya Development Foundation to the Centre Manager/Operators to empower the farmers through ICT. Mr.Rohan Goonasekara- Centre Manager of Milco (Pvt) Ltd at loluwagoda stated that this is a significant project that the Ministry of Livestock carried out last 30 years to empower dairy farmers.

Reported by Patrick Roy

Mr.S.A.Wijerathne of #26, Kadangamuwa, Loluwagoda - (a dairy farmer supplies 15 ltrs of average milk per day) trained to send SMS and access touch screen, stated that he was totally discourage in the fresh milk industry in Sri Lanka, but with these type of technology are involves and all the stack holders co-operates, in future the dairy will be the industry that can make an impact on country economy. And he is more and more encouraged to buy more milking animals.

Reported by Patrick Roy

SMS enabled Services at Dambadeniya

The farmers from Muthugala, Dambadeniya are now equipped with SMS enabled services, which is launched by Dambadeniya Development Foundation, with the concept of Mr.Sunil Rodrigo - Senior Dairy Technologist (SL). The farmers those who have registered under eDairy will have a farmer code. Using this unique code , can access the information/request services by using SMS on a mobile phone/CDMA phone from any where.