Wednesday, September 30, 2009

eDairy Touch Screen System launched at Milco

A eDairy Touch Screen System was launched at Milco-Milk Chilling Centre at Loluwagoda. A training session was conducted by Dambadeniya Development Foundation to the Centre Manager/Operators to empower the farmers through ICT. Mr.Rohan Goonasekara- Centre Manager of Milco (Pvt) Ltd at loluwagoda stated that this is a significant project that the Ministry of Livestock carried out last 30 years to empower dairy farmers.

Reported by Patrick Roy

Mr.S.A.Wijerathne of #26, Kadangamuwa, Loluwagoda - (a dairy farmer supplies 15 ltrs of average milk per day) trained to send SMS and access touch screen, stated that he was totally discourage in the fresh milk industry in Sri Lanka, but with these type of technology are involves and all the stack holders co-operates, in future the dairy will be the industry that can make an impact on country economy. And he is more and more encouraged to buy more milking animals.

Reported by Patrick Roy

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