Friday, February 20, 2009

Identified Constrains;

e dairy Sri Lanka -
Animal Nutrition
Calf Rearing
Genetic Potential
Timeliness of Breeding service/methodologies
Milking/Milk Hygiene/Handling
Shortage of Breeding material
Inadequate grassroots level Veterinary services
Shortage of feed
Lack of Dairy base entrepreneurial Culture
Unsuccessful Dairy Development Programmes implemented causing lack of trust of the farmers
Low current profit margin in existing Dairy Industry
Shortage of human resources at House hold level

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Developing database backed, SMS enabled dairy farmer/service provider tracking/messaging software and touch screen software
Create digital content on dairy best practices in Sinhala/Tamil
Creating awareness of sending SMS & e mails in their native languages [Sinhala /Tamil] by utilization of relevant software’s and practical awareness programmes.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

e-dairy Extention

Improving the productivity of Dairy and Agriculture base activities at village level by facilitating just in time information, on hand appropriate technology application and data required for achieving a justifiable contribution by creating direct service provider and marketing linkages.


Department of Animal Production &Health
National Livestock Development Board
Veterinary Research Institute
Private Sector/NGO Service Providers
Private Sector Suppliers
Dairy Farmers


Usage of ICT [mobile phones] at households and within the village in improving their communication gaps.
Additional income for women at house hold level through increased milk yields/increased carving rates for the 1000 dairy farmers targeted.
Youth are to be recognized as important partners of rural development and carrying in new technology application at village level.


Dambadeniya Development Foundation
International Manthan Award Winner 2008 for ICT4D
Funded By
ICTA -Srilanka
Dambadeniya Development Foundation
Coordinated by
Ministry of Livestock Development

e-Dairy Extension Program - Startup Workshop on 19th of February 2009

Dr.Asoka Kodithuwakku - Additional Secretary - Ministry of Livestock Development with Mr Sunil Rodrigo-Senior Manager DDF and Provincial Director North Central Dr.Hrath

Formation of Stack Holder Forum with officials from private and public sector

Innovation on e-dairy ICT application - Veterinary Surgeons at the workshops finalizing the SMS codes systems

Dr .Bandara testing the process

Onway forward with relevant SMS code system for all stack holders with common understanding.

Rural dairy Industry

Nothing other than milk is considered nature’s most wholesome food on earth contains water, Protein, Carbohydrates, Fat , Calcium, other natural minerals, vitamins and enzymes

In the history rearing cows at house hold level had been a common practice to get their daily needs of nutrition in the form of milk, curd and moru which was a part of their daily meal at that time.
In present days the small farmer Dairying is being considered as the most effective tool in eradication of poverty and malnutrition in the global village