Thursday, February 19, 2009


Developing database backed, SMS enabled dairy farmer/service provider tracking/messaging software and touch screen software
Create digital content on dairy best practices in Sinhala/Tamil
Creating awareness of sending SMS & e mails in their native languages [Sinhala /Tamil] by utilization of relevant software’s and practical awareness programmes.


  1. In most of the Government budgetary speeches, policy & political statements and rural economic developments programmes initiated, emphasized the role could play by Dairy industry to achieve economic development. This historical and influential role play by milk in our society from the days of our ancient rulers up to the present political decision makers so far not met with expected outcome despite huge expenditure allocated during the past few decades alone in developing the industry. Although it has been recognized as a vital tool for the economic development and food security at early child hood, the trial and error methods applied so far failed to record a measurable growth in last three decades.

  2. Offer attractive incentives in priority sectors to promote investments and technological innovations leading to increased the productivity of the sector

  3. Promote training and skills development in Dairy sector, particularly of young generation with new interventions and technologies and foster better integration of the educational system with the needs of the private sector

    Sunil Rodrigo