Thursday, July 30, 2009

"SMS Makes life more easier" - Happy Famers

මෙම වැඩසටහන නිසා කිරිගොවීන් වන අප සැම‍ගේ ජීවිතයට නව නැගුමක්
Farmers were happy to use the SMS enable information system introduced by Dambadeniya Development Foundation. The farmer group also undergone a training on How to use Touch screen system to make a request. Here a team of happy farmers with their touch screen system.

They also created a FAQ for the future reference, which enable them to co-ordination among their group for sharing their own knowledge and experience.

Reported by T.Patrick Roy

Famers and Animals records Updation

The farmers and their family information have been updated regularly, in order to maintain 100% accuracy on records. Not only the farmers details but also their animals details with average milk yield and medication history of animals also been updated to make sure of achieve the primary goals of e-dairy extension.

Reporting By T.Patrick Roy

Thursday, July 9, 2009

e-Dairy Press Conference

The press conference of e-Dairy Project was held in Kurugegala on 8th of July 2009 under the patronage of Provincial Minister of Agriculture and Livestock Hon.Minister Shantha Bandara. The objective of this program was explained by Mr.Sunil Rodrigo - Dairy Technologist and e-Dairy concept creator. He also stated that the assistace provided by ICTA and Dambadeniya Development Founation on Dairy Industry is remarkable and will achieve 100% growth whithin 24 months.

Also the Minister stated "The country is looking to apply latest technology to Livestock and Agriculture sectors, to attract the younger generation. Our only goal is to achieve the self sufficient with minimal import of agrobase products"

Mr.J.M.G.B. Jayasundara - Chief Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock - NWP stated that it is most appropritate time that this program has been commenced and we are fortunate to launch it in within the North Western Province. Mr.W.G.Dayananda - Secretary to Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock - NWP stated that " This is a potetional program where we would be concentrating more on the outcome of the system. This also can be apply to other sectors too. So we will be including this program on our trategic plan. Mr.T.G.U.B.Thamugala - Secretary to Chief Minister - NWP Soon after the success at Dambadeniya / Narammala Division we would like to expand this to the entire province too.